Sunday, October 24, 2010


Lawn is mowed. It couldn't wait. It would have been better next week as it would have mulched up more fallen leaves.

The grubs have come back. And I only recently went through the last of my Grandfather's precious stash of DDT. Now I'm gonna have to put down something harmful to humans as well as bugs.

I hate grubs. There, I said it. I'm not a lawn obscessive. Our peoples could live in peace if they left that lawn green. It's the toleration I extend to green weeds. Clover and wild strawberry and violets? You are welcome in my lodge.


Newbius said...

Grubs? I used Milky Spore to great effect several years ago. The grubs have never returned to my lawn or my neighbor's where we treated. YMMV

Breda said...

I like the wild violets. :)

JB Miller said...

Time to start installing edible landscaping.

Old NFO said...

Milky Spore WORKS!