Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Northcoast Pt 2

The rifle portion!

Here is the view from my spot. I just had the scout scoped Garand and M1A, and had the most fun with the Garand. My groups stayed on the shoot-n-see. And nearer the center than the edges. The fun part was finding a full milk jug with it. Heh!

Here is MBtGE with his newish AR15 with an untested EOTech mounted. He was happy. And he was right about how light the recoil is.

Here is Jay getting a nice bruise from the DPMS AR10 of Newbius. I tried this one out too. Newbius was disappointed with it because his groups were covered by a quarter. He wanted them to be covered by a nickel.

Breda giving my Navy Garand a try. MBtGE's Savage .308 is visible on the right.

The World's Most Dangerous Librarian sits behind Bubblehead Les' semi-auto M1919.

The little girl had her own pink .22 cricket but like the M1 Carbine, too. You can see the shadows lengthening. We shot til a bit before sunset and then there was the traditional bayonet charge. We were treated to the tiniest sliver of moon, too.

And here is an outdoor bandshell in Downtown Willoughby. "Next Stop, Willoughby!"

One important lesson... I don't know how I would have managed without MBtGE's GPS thingy and his cell phone. I may have to get both for my own self. His EZPass toll booth thingy was also Hamned Dandy.

Total personal injuries; the shaving cut from the Snubbie from Hell, the blood blister on my thumb I must have gotten loading magazines, and the trick knee acting up from going prone a few times.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Hi T-Bolt! I was hoping there was a shot somewhere with my wife Carol in it ("The Lady in Red"). But since she HATES having her picture taken, and Billions of people around the planet will now see it as they peruse your Blog, I guess I'll be reserving a room at the local ICU!

Actually, I was hoping there'd be a shot of Van's little girl shooting the M1, surrounded by Ladies. Thousands of Anti's heads are exploding even as we speak! Take care.

YBtGE said...


Here is that pic:

Anonymous said...

the video link is broke

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I'll check on it after work, anon.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

ifn you wanna see, just look for vid on the Twilight Zone, search term: Willoughby