Sunday, October 31, 2010

New Blaster

Got a new gun from the gun store place.

It's a Col. James Fizziwig design out of his company Nemesis Now LTD or it may also be known as CJF Industries (est. 1849). They don't have much of an online presence, these. The model is called "The Big Daddy" and it's a doozy!

(Please excuse the dust. I haven't been able to replace the cleaning woman just yet. One 'Incident' and word gets round and no service will let me engage them. What's a bachelor Gentleman like myself to do.)

The thing runs off of photons, and uses genuine Ossotronic valve gauges. It's really a wonder of engineering. But the 'ammo' is expensive! (and it may well be radioactive...) It'll take me a while to build up a supply, but it's worth the effort.

As is the gun. Worth every farthing. The thing has very little kick. Honest Injun. I was expecting .51 Magnum, but it seemed less than a .38 +P.

As you can see, it could cause some serious damage. The trigger is ok. About the same as my 1911, or perhaps a little worse. Not too mushy. Not as good as a single action revolver like my S&W 686. And, like most guns, I shoot it low and right. That's my fault. And that one hole on the lowest part was a flier from my first shot, I was too excited and still learning the operation. There is a slight pause you have to account for, but I think I can tighten up the shot grouping after a bit more familiarization. Like I mentioned, it kicks less than the .22 with shorts in the cylinder. I should do much better. 10 yards was the range.

It's a 6 shooter, naturally. The ergonomics could be a bit better. The grip is reminiscent of the 1896 "Broomstick" Mauser. Where have I seen that pattern on a blaster before? That cylinder is larger than the Taurus Judge. And it was made for a righty. The safety is only on that side. But there were instructions on how to pin the safety down, in the box. I wonder if they drop tested the design? An unexpected discharge would light up the room.

I only got the three rounds off at the range because, for one, I mentioned the expense of the cylinder charges that serve for ammunition, and secondly, we noticed daylight coming out of the backstop of the range. Oops. Glad there was an hill behind the store. Luckily no one was hurt. Thirdly, the damn paper thing smoldered and smoked and if I left the target down range much longer it might have gone up in flames. Next time I must try iron plating of some sort.

Way too bulky to CCW. But woe betide any blackgaurd or ruffian that comes to my door plotting mortal mischief. Especially if I am in my cups and well past my 7th Vodka Gimlet or Gin Rickey and heading toward my usual 14th or 15th. Ooo, that reminds me. My Urban Assault Conveyance would make a poor back stop. If I ever wanted to ride it again. I better move it. And I must lay in more stocks of bourbon. It's well past Labor Day. I should be drinking the brown spirits at this point. See if I had a woman in twice a week... I thought I was helpless without my batman. PO1 Brindell. (I didn't rate a Chief, or CPO.)

Oddly enough, the ATF hasn't classified this as a firearm. Yet. But I'm not telling. No sirree, Sonny-Jim.

Bonus: I'll be ready for any killer-robut uprising.


bluesun said...

It may not work for concealed carry, but it sure would be pretty for OC!

Bubblehead Les. said...

Hmmm. Guns for the Next American Revolution? Check. Zombie Apocalypse? Check. Martian Landers? Ooops, looks like I have a gap in my Battery. How much did your War of the Worlds Invasion Preventer set you back, bro?

Old NFO said...

Love it! :-)

netfotoj said...

What have you done to a perfectly good broomhandle Mauser? Handgun blasphemy!

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

It's been made BETTER!