Monday, October 18, 2010

Gear o matic

Advice I should take from Carteach. Or at least keep in the FOREFRONT of my mind. You already got pistols, plural? You’re already a gunnie? Carry what you got, practice with what you got, TRAIN with what you got. Stop looking for yet another new-gear solution to a problem.

That said…. I kinda want a spare .45 1911, and a spare .40, and a spare snubbie, and a spare .380. Cuz, you know, it’s a spare. What if I am in a snubbie carry situational day and my snubbie is broken and in the shop? Plus, more toys are fun. It’s the trap all gunnies fall into and we all need to work through it in our own way.

(Ooo! And that carbine I want! And the bolt action .308… and the scatter gun… )


It doesn’t just apply to guns. I’ve gone the same way with shaving lately. I have 4 different types of shave soap, all upgrades to the old Barbasol can I used for 20 years. I’ve tried 4 different variety of safety razor blades. And I am looking with a covetous eye at more badger brushes and even… straight razors and accouterments. Lord help me.

For those of you that want the “just get a midrange 1911 and you never need another handgun” school of thought for shaving and think my advice is worth anything. A Tweezerman badger brush and a $5 shaving bowl, a Merkur barberpole razor, Feather safety razor blades from Japan (Shark is good too), and the ladies love sandalwood so get Geo F Trumpers shave soap in that scent. You can’t do much better than that.


Tam said...

Personally? I'm thinking about selling guns to fund more gun school.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Yeah, I'm well past 'need' and into the 'want' section of boomy stickies.

bluesun said...

Oh, no. Not the straight razor syndrome. Those people are CRAZY. Do you need an intervention?

Tam said...


One thing I did about three or four years ago was to segregate my guns into "Working Guns" and "The Collection".

I don't particularly worry about, or try to cultivate proficiency in, operating my top-break Smiths, pocket Colts, Trapdoor Springfield, or what-have-you. I own them because I like them, and maybe take them out and shoot them sometimes just for fun.

On the other hand, my working guns are guns I own for a specific use, be it hunting, target shooting, or self-defense, and I have no particular sentimental attachment to them. I just want to be able to run them well.

Bubblehead Les. said...

What Tam said. Now my $.02. After the Northcoast Blog shoot, Carol has decided that the Springfield Xd 9mm family is her Pistol of Choice, and that she doesn't like recoil above the M1 Carbine level. So the game plan is to get His and Hers AR's and the same in Xds. Yet I believe in the New York Reload, so I'll probably be carrying 2 Xd compacts, while she'll carry one (Her choice). Add in the 12 gauge pump at home, the 22 Marlin (probably will shift to a Ruger 10/22), plus a 22 pistol and a Bolt Long gun in .308, and that'll cover the Working Guns for OUR situation.

Doesn't mean I'm dumping the rest of my Toys, just separating the Must Haves from the Nice to Haves.

And the Nice to Haves can always be used for Trade Goods and Hand Outs to Friends and Family in case of Emergency, or back ups in case of Pistol Malfs/Tune Ups at the Gun Shop.

Of course, this means coming up with new Holsters, Slings, Magazines and Pouches, Ammunition, etc.

But the most Important thing will be getting GOOD Quality Professional Training, and the Follow-Up of "Practice, Practice, Practice".

It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it. Now if I only got paid the Big Bucks.

Joel said...

Oh, there's definitely "gotta have" guns, and everybody's taste will be different in what they are.

But beyond that, whatever we WANT is our own damned business. I've got a friend out here who carries a .303 regularly. Why? I dunno; I never asked. Personally I want to replace my EDC pistol with a .44 wheelgun, and someday probably will. The reason is personal and a little embarrassing, but it's my reason so what difference does it make?

YBtGE said...

I have three categories:

Need: My standard 5 gun minimum.

Want: The guns I have just for fun.

Have: Obtained opportunities. "I'm getting married and my wife says I have to get rid of this..."

The "Have" pile is my favorite!

Turk Turon said...

Bolt gun in .308? I'm lusting for a Rem 700 converted to take M14/M1A magazines.