Monday, October 25, 2010

Soft Case


For my long guns. I think the wood of my Remington Model 11 shotgun got damaged in the car to or from the Northcoast Blogshoot. From contents shifting in transit. Or something. Anyway, never again. I had the one case my .308 rifles went in. But I want more case space.

Hey! Even Amazon has Pelican Cases for sale. That's the 2 rifle size. Or you can go a little bigger. Get 4 in that one. Or one and a lot of other stuff.

I use a carry-on size Pelican now for all my air travel needs. If my trip needs more stuff than one overhead baggage space allows then I am checking a handgun so I can lock up my cargo space luggage. With ammo if going to a CCW friendly area, without if otherwise. Or maybe with a starter pistol. Yeah, you can lock your hard sided luggage if there is a mere flare gun in there without any flares, fill out a form, and fly with it all. Cool huh?

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JB Miller said...

I am with you, Tbolt. I have a double rifle, hard side case and now wish I and another just like it.

Love the Pelicans.