Monday, October 4, 2010

Ammo Situation

I forgot to mention... I went to Bass Pro to look for 150 grain hunting ammo for the .308. Got 2 boxes. 40 rounds. Will last 7 years if I hunt with it and zero my rifle with it every year. Maybe longer if it zeros the same as milsurp.

But as for pistol ammo... Bass Pro, my local bulk brick and mortar discount ammo store, is still not back up to pre-Obama levels in inventory. No real bulk availability. There was a LOT of Remington green box 9mm on the clearance table, and a few odds and ends of other stuff. If I was desperate for ammo I could have brought home at least something for each of my calibers. There was no .357, but there was a few boxes .38, for instance. And I only have the 4 types of pistol to feed. .380, .357/38, .40, and .45

Prices for basic ball varied widely. The spot where the $21 boxes of .380 was empty, but the brand next to it was plentiful. But that cost $32 a box. So it looks like the market needs to settle, still.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Must be a regional issue. Up here in Ohio, Gander Mountain is selling the following:
FIOCCHI .380 JHP $15.99 10 Box limit.
Remington Express 30-30 $7.99; .243,.270,.308, 30-06 $10.99, must buy 2 boxes min. Same for Winchester Super-X.
Other smaller stores seem to be matching those prices, and supply is plentiful.

Is it possible that due to the Stimulus money poured into Federal jobs in the D.C. Metro region, that they are just keeping prices artificially high so as to empty your neighbors wallet?

JB Miller said...

I bought 1000 rounds of .40 for $260 at the gun show this weekend. $13 a box for all brass Federal ammo.

Jonathan said...

Must be regional. Things are just fine over here.