Sunday, October 10, 2010


Back home.

Here is my initial impression.

JayG's online persona matches up with his in-person persona.

Mike-i-stan was the seething ball of barely controlled rage, ready to explode, that I expected. He didn't injure me, however.

Breda? Well... Lessee. A good summary of the weekend would be: Breda winged me in the neck with a .357. And she was shooting the Snubbie from Hell, so she and Jay may have been in cahoots. You know me. It takes more than .357 to take T-Bolt down. I expected a hostile meetup but I didn't think anyone would get shot at. Much less me.

More info later. Here is something I learned. When a 9mm hits a milkjug full of water it leaks from 2 holes. When a .357 hits a milkjug full of water it explodes. When a .45-70 hits that jug, it explodes BIGGER.


Old NFO said...

And the rest of the story is???

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

What? I got a bloody hole in my neck. Breda and the snubbie from hell put it there.

I will say, firing the snubbie wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It was severe, but that Bersa was a handful! Snappy!

Anonymous said...

The little twit can't shoot. Give her a lasar sight and about 5 minutes to line it up and she can do OK, otherwise stay out of the way.

Bill N.

Bubblehead Les. said...

OldNFO, the REAL story about what T-Bolt is writing in his suicide note is the Following : Jay G. was so caught up in the joy of being able to fire so many MASS Banned weapons that all you heard was "Great! Wow! Neat! OMG!"

Mike-i-stan was just a big friendly Lab, roaming around the range asking "Can I shoot that?" And his hands are the same size as mine, and he could handle a Baby Browning w/o blowing his fingers off just fine.

As for Breda shooting T-Bolt in the neck: Well, if T-Bolt hadn't been yelling about "its okay to be downrange during live fire, here I'll show you..."

Actually, a fine time was had by all. Wish you were there.

Breda said...

I never thought such a manly man would be such a whiner. Sheesh. Big baby.

Jay G said...


Thanks for coming and bringing MBtGE with you. As for the "shot in the neck", there's a reason I call it the Snubbie from Hell... :)

Tam said...

"Thanks for coming and bringing MBtGE with you. As for the "shot in the neck", there's a reason I call it the Snubbie from Hell... :)"

Jay, you may want to drive that thing over to Springfield and get it looked at if it's carrying up lazy on one hole. It ain't supposed to be doing that.