Saturday, October 30, 2010

Unreasonable Stuff

So, what gun restriction that we have now are, to a common sense person, unreasonable?

May-Issue CCW is unreasonable, I think. But convincing non-gunnies that it is might be an uphill climb and may take a little while longer.

The ATF acting like our opposition when they can come to our side and work WITH pro-gun folks to go after bad actors. They'd get rid of our antipathy and actually help their own mission. That's up to them to make a Herculean effort to mend the fences between us. But gunnies are a natural ally. Gunnies are law abiding and hate criminals and don't want to be grouped with bad actors.

Restriction on suppressors is unreasonable. They aren’t restricted in Europe. Some AOW (any other weapon) restrictions are silly too. If I attached a rifle style stock to the area where my mainspring housing is on my 1911, I have just committed a felony? Ridiculous!

Of course the most reasonable thing we can forward, if we could only convince ordinary voters about it, is that the problem isn't a lack of reasonable gun laws, it's a failure to ENFORCE THE ONES ALREADY THERE.


Sean D Sorrentino said...

I think it is all unreasonable. We need to keep hammering the opposition to prove that their infringements actually have some positive effect on total crime rates. Since they can't point to any evidence, basically they are voodoo lawmaking. If they stick enough pins into the evil gun owners, they will be safe.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Yeah Sean, I agree, but the anti's will counter, "You bloodthirsty gunnuts won't let us enact this type of common sense gun law we are proposing so of course we don't have any data. And this law is different from all those laws we passed restricting guns in the past so you can't point to them saying this proposal won't work."

Yeah it's baloney. But they might convince 50%+ of the voters it is not.