Thursday, October 14, 2010

Training by NFO

I like Old NFO's take on training and it deserves a RTWT alert.

He pretty much reflects my thinking on the subject.

I'd LOVE to take a so-called carbine class. Mainly because it'd be fun and help toward familiarization and I'd get to do more dynamic things and get tips and corrections I can use for all rifle applications.

But would I ever need such training for house-clearing and door-kicking? Nope. What if the SHTF? Nope. What if it was REALLY bad SHTF? Still nope. What if you waved a magic wand after the SHTF and made me 25 again, young and strong? NOPE. It's a skill for trained uniformed people where it is their job. It's nice to know stuff about brain surgery, just to know, but to DO brain surgery? Or even an appendectomy? I'm not going to be doing that either, no matter how badly it's needed.

I want to do pistol training much more than I want to do carbine training anyway. Much more practical for someone with a CCW.

I want to do long range rifle shooting more than carbine training, too. It has more real world application for super-SHTF situations, and, more likely, for hunting. If you can hit a paper target 500 yards away, taking a bead on a whitetail 180 yards away can then be a much simpler matter


Boat Guy said...

My comments on this topic both at NFO's and earlier at Tam's may cause some to suspect I'm a Clint Smith shill, but I'll reiterate some of the same points;
At the TR class my Bride took Clint's preface to room clearing distilled the reason to LEARN THE BASICS; to wit "I'm not covering this because I want you to do it; I DON'T WANT YOU TO DO IT; but you may HAVE to do it someday and you should know the basics."
At the time Bride had not shot ANY firearm. We both wanted her to learn to be competent and I suggested that if she only knew one weapon it should be the carbine - for the same reason that the M1 Carbine was acquired; she's NOT a combatant; the carbine will do enough well that "support personnel" can protect themselves.
Thunder Ranch does have some great rifle classes - classes I'd like to take in the future, especially Mountain Rifle.
There are plenty of gunshop commandos who've put their shingles out ("Dark Earth" right Tam?)and are catering to the wannabes, but not all "carbine" classes do so. There's an EXCELLENT trainer not far from you whom I've recommended to you previously.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Got an idea for a post, it's along the lines of Offense vs Defense, but I'm too tired to do it up properly.

Tam said...

I think a lot of people put way more emphasis on carbine training than necessary because, face it, it's fun.

At the same time, if you CCW a pistol, and keep a loaded Remington 870 behind the bedroom door, and your annual training calendar features 32 hours of carbine classes, an 8-hour pistol class, and no shotgun classes, something is a little wack with your priorities.

Conversely, if you do keep a carbine propped behind the bedroom door and the only place you ever get to shoot it regularly is off a bench at the local 100yd Fish & Game range, it might behoove you to get a chance to find out what your sight offset is at, say, 7 yards...

Boat Guy said...

About 3"... but most folks won't really KNOW that until their "head shot" misses...
Good points.
Bride had to miss her pistol class this year which is why her XD is still "loaded" with snap-caps. Her Stag Carbine, however, is loaded with some of her leftover frangibles from TR and now sports a light.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Now I'm awake. Here's my thoughts on the issue. Some schools will teach a person the Fundamentals and insist one get some regular practice in before they allow you to move to the next level at their place. Other people are just hanging out their Rare Dark Earth Shingles and are letting anyone who's check didn't bounce show up and earn their Mall Ninja T-Shirt. All that's given.

Here's the question: How many schools stress that the Armed Civilian is supposed to play Defense with the AR, and how many keep making their Students "Run to the Guns" in spite of the fact most of them won't be seeing Combat?

In other words, which schools which supports the "Stalingrad Philosophy" (hole up in a room, take your shot, retreat slowly while covering your 6), and which schools who support the "Fallujah Philosophy" (Molle Up, kick in doors, put 5 rounds into each target while carrying a dozen 30 round magazines).

I don't have an answer, but I know this: As old age, bad eyes and a weak back creeps up on me, the Wife and I are looking towards Downsizing towards AR's, 9mm's and 20 gauge, and we'll need the training to make sure we don't kill ourselves if TSHTF. I'm definitely in the "Stalingrad" camp. Any schools people can recommend up here/near Ohio? Thanks in advance.