Thursday, October 21, 2010


I’m depressed. I’ve been noticing more and more racists or overtly racist utterances among the gunnies I run into online. It’s becoming more and more overt and prevalent lately. Combining a black president with coming conservative electoral success and I think they feel emboldened and unafraid to reveal how they feel. They identify with the latter, are wary of the former, and their security in their future is shakier than it has to be. That's part of if, I think


It's so ignorant. I think I’d invite such flagrant outbursts in face to face meetings. I look a bit like Ed Norton in America History X, but without the nazi tattoos. And I’m a bit pudgier. Fat. No one ever slips and uses an epithet in front of me, though. (except the crotchety old neighbor, but he's old and close to death.) No, for that you need the relative anonymity of the internet. Or maybe the gunnies I've met aren't racist. I take that back. Someone connected to my gunstore definitely is.

There is nothing about guns or conservative political thought that HAS to lead to racist outlooks. So. Stop it. And Second Amendment rights go hand in hand with OTHER civil rights. Rights denied blacks for so long in this country. Charlton Heston fought for both kinds of civil rights. Charlton Heston believed in the Constitution and our foundation principles. It’s why he marched with Martin Luther King in the south and why he headed the NRA. What would he say now to the racists on the internetz toobs if he were still alive? “Keep yer stinking hands off the keyboard you damn dirty window-licker!”

Racism is not what all this is all about. Stop being racist.

We walk the same path from different directions. Heck it is because of racism that we HAVE gun control today AT ALL, pretty much! Well, maybe not. Absent black people, our gun control restriction impulse would have been born out of hatred for Catholic immigrants from Poland, Italy, and Ireland, instead.

At any rate, STOP IT. You’re not doing yourself or us any favors displaying that behavior, as the real evil from the busybodies will bastardize, exaggerate, and use any hint of racism against the lovers of liberty. Save your hatred for Collectivists that want to force you to fit into THEIR version of Utopia. And when Collectivists see the light and turn from such folly, let them back in. Don't hate THEM forever either if it isn't warranted. There will always be other deserving evil tyrants to direct your venom.


James R. Rummel said...

Good post.

I haven't noticed the same myself. But, then again, I don't have the time I would like to read other blogs. I also am hardly anonymous, as I always use my legal name.

Maybe that intimidates some into being guarded with their speech, although I don't see how.

Breda said...

you know...racism goes both ways. If you're going to scold, scold everyone.

Arthur said...

"Someone connected to my gunstore definitely is."

So is that what set off this rant?

If not, would you mind linking to an example of what did?

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

We're better than the other poltical side. That's a burden we should proubly bear, and not sink to the Left's level.

George said...

I see it as the ultimate weakness in debate. A variety of the AD HOMINEM argument. Much as the statists do - "Oh, yeah? Well, your a _______!" (nazi, stormtrooper, gestapo, knuckle-dragging redneck, etc.)
We, as responsible limited government, less spending, personally responsible gun owners need to stict to principles, e.g. nation of laws, not men, to win back this country from the Progressives.

bluesun said...

I despise all idiots and morons equally.

Acksiom said...

Thank you for the advice. Unfortunately, though, you will need to provide actual examples in order to persuade people like myself, because we've already been tricked by "the girl who cried x-ism" too many times already. We have no idea what your standards for "racism" are like, so it may very well be the case that what you consider "racist" we consider merely minimal common sense.

And your qualification about posts offending hippies being potentially exemplary tends to reinforce this view, because of how it singles out a particular group for derogation. It's grossly inconsistent with your post's call for better-considered speech.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

You don't choose you race, you choose to be a stinky hippy. I see I should have closed comments on this one.

I will not snitch, calling folks out by name. Snitches get stitches.

Acksiom said...

1) Nobody said you had to use actual names. I asked for examples, not cites.

2) Derogatory speech *in general* will be bastardized, exaggerated, and used by the evil busybodies against *anybody* they oppose. So if that's your rationale for trying to tell the rest of us what to do, it doesn't really matter whether it's derogatory speech based on race, creed, culture, nose hair, or whatever. And your not only glaring but now *doubled-down* inconsistency on this argues against just taking your word for things, let alone following your OBEY ME! diktats.

So here's my competing advice to your readers: the hell with 'em, and the hell with this guy, too -- at least until he gets righteous enough for us to care what he wants. We have better and more important things to do than trying to appease the evil busybodies. It's a fool's errand, because they're trying to bully people, and when you give bullies what they want, *they don't stop*. They just push *harder* for *more*.

So my answer is to either ignore them, or push back, rather than just bend over and surrender -- as NJT *demands* of us.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Well, the post wasn't directed at you, Acksiom. Unless you've been doing some stuff you aren't proud of.

Acksiom said...

Sure it was. You told me, along with everybody else, to STOP IT, along with several other petty kitchen dictator commands. That's what was directed at me, and applicable.

Furthermore, it doesn't need to be directed at me for my comments about your own behavior to be relevant.

And you know what else? Apparently you haven't noticed that I have been generously treating your demands of me as requests. And that *you're* the one asking ME, and others, for a *favor* here.

Unfortunately, though, it appears that you aren't interested in actually addressing my actual points as actually made. And I've been around teh intarwebz long enough to know what that usually means: you can't come up with an argument against them, but you're not willing to do the normal, fundamentally adult thing of handling the cognitive dissonance involved by considering the possibility that they're valid and correct points, and reexamining your own behavior, propositions, and/or beliefs in that light.

Instead, you respond with irrelevant cliches and snark. Because the CD compels you to say *something*, but you won't bring yourself to actually engage with the actual points as actually made.

Finally, since I'm criticizing you on consistency, here's a couple of serendipitous examples of what I mean by "the girl who cried x-ism":

and .

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I am not citing specific examples, even with names or ID redacted, because even the examples would unmistakably point back to the original source. Let me try...

How bout a link to an online video that was wall to wall un-ironic use of the N-word, and how application of firearm swould lead to a happy, to them, result? And thinking that video was absolutely hilarious?

There were others examples almost as bad, but too back-identifying. The video poster will never see this however and have no idea I am talking about them here.

But is that sort of video worthy of your condemnation Ack?

Bubblehead Les. said...

I am an Equal Opportunity Hater. With every piece of Hate Speech that the Commies put out in their "Code Language" of Political Correctness, I know that I have the Constitutional Right and Opportunity to Respond in an Equal and like-minded manner in direct opposition to their Marxist Ideology.

I also have the Free Speech Rights to put down Fascists, Klansmen, Ultra-Right Talibani Loving Muslims, Dumbass Rednecks and other Uber-Conservative Witch-Burning Ignorant Fools.

However, to Disparage anyone based on their Genetic Makeup, Age, Place of Birth, Physical Disabilites, etc. is Reprehensible and should not be tolerated, and must be called out.

If the Left wants to keep hiding behind the Race Card to push their Marxist Agenda, let them.

If the Klansmen want to keep playing their Race Card to push their Agenda, let them.

But YOU have the Right to NOT Allow that Crap on Your Blog, and if anyone has a problem with it, go comment somewhere else.

Shame that some Racist Assholes on the Right want to screw up things for the Gunnie Community, considering how the Marxist Left is about to play Hardball after the Mid-Terms, and be assured, Gun Banning will raise its Ugly Head soon.

Of course, Hippies are the exception to the Rules. Get em!

Acksiom said...

Nobody's asking you for specific examples, let alone actual cites. You're the only one sticking that word in there. I myself even pointed that distinction out to you here once already. Why are you doing that?

Just give us examples sufficient to evaluate your standards for "racism" -- because, as I also already said, it may very well be the case that what you consider "racist" we consider merely minimal common sense.

As to the video, how should I know? You still haven't linked to it.

And if you're incapable of describing any other examples abstractly enough to make identification possible, then -- no, wait; y'know what? FTS, man; it's a load of crap. At this point, the standard response applies:

No, NMJ, I don't like your behavior; you change to suit my personal preferences.

Go take this up with the actual people in question first. No need to be a snitch at all; just go confront them yourself, and post those links. Because unless and until you do at least that much yourself, we really can't be bothered to do anything for you, either.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

If I saved that disgusting link (of course I didn't) I would not propagate it here.

Adjusting the behavior of the person that LIKED that video with social scorn is remote. And shaming them is the not the purpose of this post. They are almost surely too far gone.

Tam said...

Hey, go to a gun show and there's always one jerkhole selling copies of The Turner Diaries. It seems to come with the territory.

Kristopher said...

Racists can buy guns in this country. As for the jerk selling the Turner Diaries ... sometimes gunnies and libertarians are too damned tolerant.

We don't tolerate anti-gun bigots at gun shows ... we should consider not tolerating any bigots. The people peddling that trash should be asked to peddle it elsewhere.

The first amendment ends at the private property line.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...