Thursday, October 21, 2010


I am 'reading' this book in audio book form. On my commute. Mainly because it is pledge week at NPR.

Hondo. Cavalry scout. There's some gun content there!

MBtGE got me into audio books, but it's only good for long trips for me. My DC area commute is a mere 45 minute. His is twice that, and audio books make more sense. Especially if a traffic mishaps doubles his commute. Traffic mishaps around here can take the form of this stranges substance called 'water' coming out of the sky. People act like they've never seen it before. That it is, in fact, fish guts, dropping out of the sky on them. And they drive appropriately. Virginia is worse than Maryland. Virginia has the perfect road system to handle their daily load. IF today was 1966.


Boy-howdy, Hondo makes a man think about what it means to be a man. But one can one do? There are plenty of reasons to act a man, but there is precious little opportunity to track Apache, break horses, or build a dam to trap the spring rains in the desert. It's a bit more subtle, manly ways, in modern 21st C. suburban life. But no less important. As the Duke would attest, were HE around.

Gun content? Hondo sleeps with his single action Colt in his hand, uncocked. He sleeps very still and only awakes when there is something wrong or unusual, and then he wakes with his faculties and judgment intact. In a fight, Hondo would much rather turn to his lever action Winchester. Since this is based in the early 1870s, that probably means caliber .44-40. While his pistol would be .45 Colt. (Confirmed on disk 5. Winchester 73 rifle, and Colt .45 pistol.)

Other content? Be alert to what is going on around you at all time. Sleep lightly. Know your environment. Men and women are different, not the same.


Bob H said...

I just found your blog (Link from MArooned, I think). Are you telling me there are shooters in this area? Where do they shoot? I am a newB trying to find training and ranges near Alexandria!

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Near Alexandria? Well, Fairfax has the NRA range. Great place for both shooting and training.