Friday, October 22, 2010


It's October 22nd or: 10/22.

As in RUGER 10/22...

Neat. Thanks Firearm Blog. (and JayG has a post, too.)

Need to get me one of those, someday. A 10/22. Not a blog. I got a blog.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Yeah, it's on my list, also. But Mine would never become Tacticool. It'll be set up for Small Game/Pest Control/Basic Rifle training. But my Marlin 60 seems to be handling that role just fine right now.

Arthur said...

I picked up the stainless barrel model from Wallyworld on sale cheap and had the barrel cut down to 17" with a target crown. Other than that I stripped the paint off the receiver and left it natural aluminum, and replaced the extractor with a VQ to eliminate the occasional stovepipe. Oh and I took a file to the bolt hold-open plate so a tug on the bolt handles releases it.

It's one of my favorite rifles. Super accurate and hell on the local rodent population.