Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The TWO Rules?!!!

Interesting. From Alan at Snarkybites.


His post has distilled the 4 rules down to 2! And it JUSHT might be crashzy enough to work, Trebek!

Cooper came up with the 4 Rules, as mentioned. And HE did it as a response to like 9 rules or somesuch that was already out there.

There is also good comments adding caveats of "know the status of your weapon at all times" covering the old 'always loaded' #1 rule. And "you are responsible for every bullet that leaves the barrel" covering the old #4 rule of know your target and what's behind it. Stuff that should be mentioned and drilled home, but don't HAVE to be a part of the "New Two Rules" to obey to avoid negligent discharges.

You are responsible for each bullet. Know the condition of your weapon at all times and follow the two rules: 1) Keep you finger of the trigger until ready to fire; and 2) NEVER point it at anything you don't want a (deadly) hole in.

Others have commented too. I'm still chewing on it. (Great, more mastication... Maybe I should swallow now and again.)


YBtGE said...

Boil it to one Rule:

"I am fully responsible for everything that may happen with firearms under my control."

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Ahhh, the ever popular 'don't be stoopid' rule.

Joel said...

"Don't be stupid" covers the rules, no doubt, but not in a terribly explicit way.

Personally I've never understood what's wrong with the 4R's the way they are. They've been around for (mumblemumble), and always work. Like Jeff Cooper's 1911. Yet people keep tweaking. Not invented here?