Monday, March 26, 2018

6.5 Fulton M65 M1A

So, after Newtown, Maryland passed a crapload of new gun regulations.  Magazine restrictions, a license to purchase handguns with fingerprint and train requirements, and an Assault Weapon Ban. 

There has always been a roster of acceptable handguns for sale, added to that roster are the few 'Assault Weapons' that are acceptable.  Manufacturers go hat in hand to some roster board and ask to be added to the roster.

"Hi, we at Smith and Wesson have sold M&P 9mm pistols in this state for a while.  We'd like to sell this new one, too.  It's the same as the others but the part number is different and it is coyote brown instead of black."  And after a few months you can buy that brown Smith.  They aren't THAT bad a stickler.  Governor Ehrlich sorta instilled a bias to accept new guns for the roster and that hasn't changed.  It'd be a good way to do a back door pistol ban by just rejecting any new additions for a while.  But like I said, they haven't tried that Shenanigan.

Now, things that are ON the roster for long guns.  Pretty much any heavy barrel AR15s.  Aka:  HBARs.  AR10s are hunky dory.   You can buy a stripped lower for an AR15. 

But you can't buy an AR15 with a regular barrel!!!  No no!  Forbidden.  (yeah, yeah, I know.)  No Tec-9's.  No Calicos.  Now M1A's.  Which were fine in 2012.  Semi-auto M14s are no bueno.

Until now!

We have Fulton Armory in Maryland, and being a local concern and with a little effort, they managed to get 6.5mm Creedmore chambered M1As (now with a label of M65) permissable for local sale. 

Probably with just a 10 round magazine, tho.  You still have to go to a gunshow in another state to stock up on standard magazines.

I dunno if this applies to Springfield rifles of similar chambering. 

You see, 6.5mm fake M14s aren't as dangerous as 7.62mm fake M14s, so it's fine for this gun shy locale.  It's a smaller number, you see.  Probably can't shoot as far?  So it is safer?  Or something. 

Or something, indeed.  This state. 


Anonymous said...

What will happen to those who already had a M1A? Will those folks get to keep them or do they have to turn it or move it out of state?

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Yes, if you bought them before the ban you can keep your AR15 with a skinny barrel of your M1A. You can't legally sell them to anyone else in state. Though how they would police that, I do not know. Same way they don't know if that 100 year old .30-30 was sold just the one time 100 years ago or last week. Have you had it forever of for days? Maryland is sorta clueless in their hodgepodge of laws.