Friday, March 9, 2018


My gunstore posted a picture of an M3 Greasegun on social media. WITH a suppressor.  And boy did I get a case of the wants. 

I was there the next day.  I wanted to maybe touch it.  Read what the price tag said.  Maybe.  Maybe.

No!  It was just a tease.  The owner private collection.  I dunno if it was even transferable.  Bastards. 

Well, I save a lotta money that way.

All the ARs on the wall were AR10s or HBARs.  So I could have bought any of those and taken it home.

They were also out of S&W M&P types.  Well, they HAD some, but none of em were on the Maryland roster yet.  Controlled guns need approval from the state, you see.  NFA items aren't counted in the Maryland assault weapons restrictions.  Well except the magazines.  So if the M3 was for sale we could have proceeded.  But not a regular AR15.  No sir.

I asked about the M&Ps because a buddy at work is thinking on that.  And heck, I could be pushed.  New roster approvals any day now. 

It's the same guns that are already approved, just a slightly different part number, so...  Approval process.


Tam said...

Grease gun? Very likely transferrable, unless it's a reweld.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

It somehow got caught up in some sort of NFA-FFL shennanigans. That's the 'word.' And not from the owner of the store and gun. So it is True for a certain value of Gunstore-T Truth.

Whichever. He doesn't want to sell it to me or anyone. That's the true issue. I have no idea what $$$ he'd put on the tag, but I might have done something foolish that I can't afford if he had.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

I've always wanted to GreaseGun....and I'm not event sure why. As an Infantry Private in Germany, I'd see the Tankers from down the road with their CVC helmets, Tankers coveralls and GreaseGuns, and was oddly envious.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

You catch me in the right mood and I would pay whatever they asked for an M3 greasegun.