Saturday, March 24, 2018

Whatcha Doing?

"Whatcha doing for the children's crusade today, T-Bolt?"

Helping the gunsmith while he teaches a 1911 Intermediate Class.

I already saw these dude at the Beginning course.  Only two from that class faile the safety checks.  Failure to return with the hammer sear engagement.  Another was "keep and eye on this as one hammer hook is letting go before the other and that could be an issue later as it wears." 

The beginning class is mostly "how to detail strip a 1911" and what the safety checks are.  Very useful if buying a 1911.  The intermediate class breaks out the smoke lamp and you get to see how well your barrel is locking up and what not.  Cleaning up some burrs on parts...  I may be missing someting, because it is a two day class.  Must be some bonus items.

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c-90 said...

The last time they had a Children's crusade, the kids were sold into slavery: Just saying.