Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Culture Change

If the bad guys really wanted to drive a wedge in gunnie culture they might try to ban guns that ARE just used for hunting and are in declining use.  Hunting isn't what the 2nd protects, and SCOTUS in Heller says regulation of stuff not in common use can be permissable.

The military/militia doesn't use shotguns.  Ban them.  Pump and doubles.  They are problematic from all the laws of war, anyway.  Sure, the .mil used to use them, but allies and opponents always thought shotguns in war a bit hinky.

No military or police use them revolvers for the most part.  They are old fashioned anachronisms.  Ban em.

And now the Fudds are up in arms.  But they'd have sold other gunnies out to still go duck hunting, so, effective culture attack, and we ALL lose some power.  (We'd have more power if the Fudds were as supportive of my preferred firearms as I was of there doubles.)


Tam said...

Mossberg 590A1 and Benelli M4 are still current issue.

Mike V said...

Tam’s right and I’d be surprised if there aren’t some 870s and maybe even model 12s warehoused somewhere. Breaching and prisoner work is the main use now.

azmountaintroll said...

I spent some time as a Unit Armorer during my military service, and by custom I was allowed to carry any weapon in the arms room not otherwise assigned. My weapon of choice was a Winchester M1200 shotgun, ordinary used for guard duty, complete with M1917 Bayonet.

I was younger then.

ASM826 said...

This is the end game. Culturally marginalizing the gun owners, making gun use and ownership suspect, then comes the laws.

The 2nd Amendment is the linchpin. They need it gone so they can take the rest of the rights. And then darkness falls.