Friday, March 23, 2018

Range, 19 March


63 rounds, Winchester, no failures. 

I was right.  I was onto something last time.  The groups were fast and tightened up.  See.  Two flyers, two flinchies, all called.  The rest were pretty good

I may be onto something here.  I need to do some more testing, but this is exciting.  25 feet.

"Well?  What did you do this time to get this.  Especially that middle target."

Surprisingly little except for one wrinkle.  I couldn't tell you where my trigger finger placement was this time.  Despite trying to shoot relaxed I caught myself tensing up more than usual.  I concentrated on the THREE fundamentals.  Relax (which wasn't working too good), concentrate on the front sight, and Make the Trigger Go Good.  Which is starting to be automatic, except those 4 flyers.

So what was the new thing?  It impacted all three fundamentals.  Ready?

Embrace the Wobble.

I knew about doing this academically before, but knowing what you should do and achieving it are two different things.  This time I figured out how to do it.

You know the wobble.  The front sight seems to move like a lazy infinity symbol, then like a kid on a swingset, then like you are drawing a sunset on the horizon, just randomly moving all over.  Some people try to wait until it crosses the bull before breaking the trigger.  Don't. 

Let it wobble. 

Embrace the wobble.

Hell, MAKE it wobble. I was making it wobble, on purpose, and not caring when the trigger break happened.  

It can all be wobbling and you still are keeping it in a tight central group, as above.  And it can get better than that.  Wobble is ok.  Don't make the perfect sight picture be the enemy of good sight picture.  There lies bad trigger pulls. 

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