Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Oh crud

I had nothing for today.

And there is SO much.

I hope the Dems keep running on repealing the 2nd Amendment.  All the way through November.  I don't think that is the 'reasonable' gun control they have convinced the squares they are after.

But it is nice of them to tacitly admit that they DO need to repeal to get the gun bans they want.  It makes it clear to more folks that that is what they want, and not just a few scary no-walnut rifles.

"You silly NRA cranks.  No one is coming for your guns."


"We are coming for your guns."

Gaslight much, Proggy?

"The debate is OVER!  The only question is how fast we will violate you gunnuts' civil rights."

I dunno Andy.  Our side, the good guys, have been in worse places than this before.

"A whopping 20% are for repeal!"  That's GREAT news, Washington Post   

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