Sunday, March 11, 2018


So.  Some folks don't like the Fix NICS legislation.

What's objectionable about it?

Assuming you are fine with preventing felons and other GCA prohibitted persons from being denied a firearm.

I am of two minds about that.  The whole, "If you can't be trusted with a gun, how can you be without a custodian in a world with gas stations, glass bottles, and cigarette lighters?" is in the forefront of my mind, but, brass tacks, that's not the world we live in.  Fighting for that is a fight in the future.

For now, today, in the\is world, what is objectionable about Fix NICS?  In a world where NICS is a thing and is grudgingly accepted, what is bad about this NICS reform?

No, I am seriously asking.  All I see is it incentivizes folks to report prohibited persons they should have been reporting already.  Is there something else to it?

I know it can't be that bad, in that the Democrats supported before it had a decent chance of actually passing. 


Miguel GFZ said...

Bashing Fix-NICS became a fundraising tool for some "gun groups" who count on gun owners being too lazy to read and interpret bill.
And if the get to bash the NRA, even better again for fundraising reasons.

cryptical said...

Some people claim it expands the definition of mental illness to PTSD, etc. but I don't see it in the bill.

I'm comfortable requiring mental illness be adjudicated to be disqualifying as the law currently stands.

Gromit said...

One of the issues is the expectation that the definition of mental illness will be manipulated over time to include anyone who does X, such as own multiple firearms, purchase ammo in large quantities, participates in practical shooting competitions, is a member of the NRA etc...