Thursday, March 22, 2018

So, what does the NRA do?

About so-called Red Flag restraining order gun confiscation?

Shout "Hell No!"?

Probably an untenable position.

Make low approving-sounding noises in public, and work behind the scenes with lawmakers and go "Hey, what about some due process protections?  You know someone is gonna sue and appeal if you don't have a least a little in there.  A little more."

This works, now, while our 'side' is still in a majority position and takes other gun grabs off the table for now.  Even couple this with reciprocity, even.  Get that done before November, and that is the NRA doing its job as best it can.

Of course that would make no one happy.  For doing its job and not doing enough.

But like some commenters over on Sebastian's site, I'd prefer that maybe the cops do at least part of their job with investigating threats and using the Baker Act where appropriate.  Instead of what happened in Florida.  Where apparently they had to try really hard to do the OPPOSITE of their job a few score times over years. 

Also.  Here is another, angrier, view, that I don't think I can disagree with.

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Sean D Sorrentino said...

The correct way to kill this is to talk about how it's a half measure, at best. They rule that a person is a "danger to himself or others" and then they turn him loose to wander the streets still a danger to himself or others." Call it the "Catch and Release Program for Dangerous People."