Thursday, March 29, 2018

Spring Change

After some fits and starts, it appears to be Spring outside.

Now, let's think about springs inside.

Inside your gun.

Every swap out the Recoil Spring in your gun?  Did you do the other springs too?  You should.  In a 1911 go ahead and do the Firing Pin Spring and Main Spring.

"Why the Firing Pin Spring, T-Bolt?  I can see the Recoil and Main, they sort of work together..."

Look, if the gun was wearing the recoil spring down (gotta stop all that word capitalization) so it is two inches shorter now than new, doncha think there is a chance the firing pin is weakened a bit too?

You don't want it slowing down.  Not popping back into the hole.  Maybe peening the inside a bit.  The next step is the next round catches on the pin and bend it over.  Maybe the peening gets the pin caught outside. 

Once bent over, that gun is down.  Disabled until you can get it back into the shop. 

No, it doesn't go full auto.  The brass case is stopped before it can slide up the breach face and under the extractor.  It just fails to feed.  You need to break the sear to get something like a follow and an uncontrollable BRRP until that jams the gun after scaring you half to death.

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