Thursday, March 1, 2018

Range work

21 February.

49 rounds of Magtech .45

Somedays you over think the process.  You take too much time. Get the basics lined up and shoot.  Shoot.  You've been here before, you know where to put your finger, where the front sight is, and how to press the trigger.  Just do it.

So when I let my subconscious just do its thing and ride herd on poor form only and just go.  See the target shoot the target.  Don't think about.

I get the bottom two.  And the middle.  Minus that one flier.  Let that one get away from me.  Hooboy, did not that the sight aligment.

There, that is a danger.  One I am prone to.  Overdriving my headlights so to speak.  Moving on to the next shot before I have finished the one to hand.

Drat this shooting stuff can be complicated.

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