Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Advice Solicited

"Hey T-Bolt?  You know gonne stuff, right?  As you know we moved out into the country into our first new house from outta them damned apartments in Glen Burnie.  We don't hear sirens every night, now.  But that's the thing.  If there is a problem, 911 response is much slower where we now live.  And I travel more with this new job, selling widgets to medical device inspectors all over the country.  How do I convince the missus to go to the range and maybe consider getting a gun for the house to protect us and our young children from badguys?"

Hi!  Glad you asked that question.  I recommend two Ruger pistols.  They are decent quality guns, but won't break the bank since you have to get the pair.  I say two because we are going to have to duct tape them to both her hands, and if one hand is free she will just be able to peel off the tape and put the gun down.  Trust me, it can't fail.

Ok, ok.

You are never going to hurry up a reticent person to go shooting or get a gun, and you probably don't want to.  Sure there are risks living out in the 'country' but you can still huck a chihuahua and hit the neighbors house on either side... You aren't isolated.  And country risks are also lesser than Baltimore inner-suburbs risks you have now quit, and left in your rearview.  I know if there were no children to home she'd be more tolerant of a firearm in the house, but that's not the case with you, so her reticence is even stronger (most non gunnies worry about a child messing around with the house gun, and this fear gives them nightmares, no matter what sort of true likelihood of mishaps actually exists.)


ProudHillbilly said...

Glen Burnie is country?

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

no no. they moved to the country FROM there. Did I do a poor job with communication?

Ritchie said...

So, if we concede that the greatest risk to individual people is other people, some people move away from dense concentrations of other people, and in a soaring lapse of logic, suddenly become interested in getting gunned up.

Projectilist said...

We concede nothing. You should be gunned up no matter where you are. And first aid kitted up, spare tired and jumper cabled up and fire extinguishered up too. You are your own first responder.

Ritchie said...

>Projectilist I quite take your point. Still, more people have been killed in my parking lot by other people than anything else. And I do have many of the items listed. In fact, the last time I moved, I ended up selling several guns because it was taking too many nights to move them all.