Sunday, March 4, 2018

Round Management

One of the flaws of simulator training is you don't use live ammo.  That's also one of the advantages, mind you.  You spend nothing on ammo and pull the trigger 500 times. 

You don't train for ammunition management or magazine changes.  You also don't train for malfunction drills. 

So you are there in the simulator and you know your sim gun magazine is bottomless.  Doesn't hurt to shoot the bad guy on the screen 10 times.  But then you go outside and pickup bourbon at the liquor store but you have 8 in that gun and 7 in the reload?  Or 5 in the J-Frame and 6 on the speed strip?  You've just trained to hurry and shoot lots.  While you maybe should have trained to make good hits, primarily, rather than shave a microsecond off the first round off.  Train to be good and fast, not fast and ok, in other words.  Both are already about the same top speed for individual shooters. 

So the mindset in the Sim is to err toward volume of fire, when the mindset in real life is good hits and quick re-assessment.   Maybe the guy needs all 5 from revolver.  Maybe he needs one and crumples and the partner you didn't realize he had needs 4.   But don't dawdle deciding, obviously.

Which is also prolly a good idea even for those of you with a Glock 17 and 2 reloads, too.  Just because you have 52 rounds doesn't mean you have to shoot them all.  Not the first time out of the gate when the liquor store shopping trip goes pear-shaped.  Wait til you 6th or 7th real live defensive gun use before you go for style points and the mag dumps.   This isn't Manhattan, after all.

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