Tuesday, March 6, 2018


84 rounds of Winchester.

26 February.

No failures, though I can feel some grittiness I want to go away.  And the fiber optic front sight is getting... dark.  A clean is in order.  Soon. 

Ten years ago I read up on it everywhere and asked around and no one could explain to me what a Compressed Surprise Break was.  I think I am beginning to get it.  Getting to that surprise break in a hurry.   You can make those words and understand it acedemically, but understanding it with the gun is a whole nother matter.

I bet all y'all already know how, and it just took me a lot more practice to figure it out because I am a slow head spaz.

Another thing, as I have gotten better...  In the old day my first shot of the day was often the best.  After that the flinchies came to the fore.  I don't get that first cold shot good anymore.  I need to warm up to move away from the flinchies, low and right.  I hope I can fix that because if I actually NEED a gun, that first shot, and also any others after that...   I don't want to require a warmup if I have to defend myself.  

Beginning of the session

All right...

The end of the session

More centered.  Both at 50 feet.

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