Friday, March 30, 2018

The Vast Majority

The vast majority of American think anyone can go to a gun show and leave with a machine gun.  And that if a gun looks like a machine gun you can probably take a file, file down a nub of a disconnector, and easily convert it to a machine gun.

We in know are a aware it's a bit more complicated than that.

But if it wasn't...  Machine guns sure would be cheaper.

Parallel universe, where the Hughes amendment hasn't jacked up the prices on what should be $500 worth of metal stampings on the cheaper ones, what machine gun do YOU take home, just for fun?

I have already expressed an interest in the greasegun. And I really enjoyed shooting an MP40.  But as for modern more better, mebbe, subguns, I do not know.  I don't have Frank James to guide me, and I wasn't into the gun scene when he was evaluating burp guns by the bushel load.  He was an old skool authority in the day. 

The Smith M76 would be something I'd investigate, yes, a knockoff of the Swedish K.  It also would have the potential of being cheap and a possible impulse buy at a gun show. 

A Tommy Gun or a BAR would be spendy no matter if they were still making them.  But of course, I'd enjoy the history of them as much as the other WWII stuff I already mentioned.

I liked the Kriss once.  But I think the bloom is off that rose in my eyes on them.  Never was an UZI man, or any of the H&K offerings.  Just didn't appeal to me.

The MAC-10/11 too, unless it had that big suppressor on it.

What cool think am I missing on parallel machine gun universe?


dorfer21 said...

CZ Scorpion EVO A1. Blowback 9mm

Timmeehh said...

FG-42 in 7.92 mm

Anonymous said...

HK MP5 in 10mm Auto

Paul said...

CNC and STEN gun plans. Bet that would be easy to make!

Will said...

Stay away from the MACs. They can be difficult to hit the broad side of a barn with. From the INSIDE. Even with a can for a handle. At least the .45, anyway. Yuck.

Unknown said...

M2. But what really floats my boat is the rapid fire chain SAWR bayonet in 22.22 made by PewPewPew Industries. It's rare, maybe you haven't heard of it. (I hope no commies are viewing this, they would try to ban that beast.)

Mike V said...

I’ve had the opportunity to shoot a few buzz guns. The MP5 with collapsible stock is my favorite. But they’re pricey too.

Projectilist said...

Sterling, because I'm a Star Wars nerd.

ASM826 said...

Since a semi-auto Thompson is $2000, give or take, in a free America, that would be the price. You can look at the semi-auto price of any of them and just call it the same if there weren't the infringements.

That would still leave the price of the pallets of ammo.

Jonathan H said...

I like the idea of a large caliber tripod mounted belt fed.
Last year RIA had a 20mm Oerlikon complete with WWII ship's deck mount (all 650 lbs of it!). I was shocked that it went for only $23,000; I had figured on $75,000 or more.

I'd like to have a small armored vehicle and the original type of gun that would have gone with it.

The MAC 10 takes work, but with care it isn't hard to hit a tin can from 20 feet.