Monday, March 19, 2018

I went to the range on 14 March

63 Winchester

No failures (but I still haven't cleaned it...  after I am done with the Winchester I will...  Filthy.)

Oh my.  There are two types of ways of me going fast.  "Make trigger go NOW" which is how I usually shot for years and years.  And that get's the flinchies  And "Whatever, you've been here before, you know how to pull the trigger right, do it without thought." And that compressed surprise-break happens

They look the same, but the second is marginally faster and much more accurate.

And I am starting to understand how this works.  And that is exciting.

Sam saw this and reinforced it in Sim Training the next session.  Oh my.  I think we are talking an epiphany here.   Which is nice.  I like getting better.  First the bad:

Shot a magazine at the head at 25 feet.  The misses and one that hit the shoulder?  I thing these were from that first one.  Not warmed up and this is something I want to work on.  Not requiring a warm up.  Pushed the target out to 60 feet and aimed at the chest.  Meh.  I used to shoot like that at 25 feet.  It is only recently I push the target out further.  I use the black so I don't see the holes and that helps concentrate on the fundamentals and looking at front site and not prairie-dogging.

Then I did 5 magazines at 25 feet for this.

What the picture doesn't show is how fast I went.  "Whatever" bang "whatever" bang.  I was kind of stunned.  More to work on.