Friday, March 2, 2018

AWB ban? Ho-hum.

In violation of the Heller ruling, 150 Dems propose to ban arms in common use at this time.  Another bite or the 'Assault Weapons' Ban apple.  They at least intend to permit us peasants to keep the ones we have already.  All 20 million plus.  Which is why they are in common use.  Yes, in hunting, too, foo.  Again, not that that part matters

Which made me think.  You know, they are on steadier constitutional grounds if they tried to ban revolvers at this point.  They are in less common use than semi-auto rifles, no?  Sure their might be more revolvers out there because they are a pretty durable good.  And they are wussies, they'd grandfather all those in.  But maybe it could pass Constitutional muster. 

What am I doing?  Giving them ideas?!  Sure it seems farfetched and illogical now, but these are Progs we are talking about.    

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