Friday, March 16, 2018

Self Perpetuating

The histrionics of the gun banners makes the next mass murder more likely.

In the aftermath, don't glorify or name the shooter. Don't dwell on the event. It might be best to just shut up about it – perhaps for many years. Excess attention to the event makes it, in some twisted minds, an exaltation of the actions of the maniac, and that seems to promote similar events.

Copycat syndrome.

But if the gun banners don't get a full gun ban this time they actually WANT another massacre.  On this alone.... no matter your political affiliation, why would you ever want to encourage slaughter to get your policy passed?....  You should be on our side for this alone.  At least gun rights people aren't hoping for someone to get killed.   The more the better.  Gross 

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