Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Elder Wisdom

So it is impossible to take the guns away, forgetting it is unconstitutional.  There are just too many of them.  There were way fewer in Britain and Australia and they can't manage to confiscate all theirs, what hope is there to get them out of the hands of ornery Americans.

You can't repeal the 2nd Amendment.  It exists outside the constitution and is only there to remind gov't where their power cannot go.  The Heller case reminds us of this.  A right exists it is not conferred.  And.  You cannot infringe on the right to bear arms and if you try to repeal the amendment you are infringing. 

You can't bring back insane asylums and involuntary commitments.  Or you can, but it would be very very difficult.  Not as difficult as confiscating all the guns, but it's a tough row to hoe.  And quite a few gunnies, who tend to be of a libertarian bent, aren't on board with the concept and would fight almost as hard against bughouses as they would repeal.  Teamed up with the ACLU.

Where does that leave us?  Larry Elder distills all this down.  There is two avenues (above) blocked, leaving a third.  Harden soft targets.  Stop being an obstacle to the law abiding.  Let people defend themselves and others. 

I didn't know Larry Elder was this on board with the issue, and I am pleased to learn it.  He hasn't hidden his position, I just had never run across  how enthused he was for it.  He addresses the issue with concise logic of a classically trained litigator.  Which, he is, apparently.   But we won't hold that against him.


Jonathan H said...

That has been my point for years for the military, and now for civilians too - you can't stop all the attacks before hand or at a distant (here's looking at you, Navy, with long range weapons on ships a rowboat can sink up close).
You have to be able to stop the threats close in or absorb them with minimal damage. This is the same reason that heavy armor and concrete became so prevalent in Iraq.
One or 2 armed personnel per school won't cut it unless the school has less than 100 students, which describes very, very, few schools in the US - the cost of dedicated security personnel means that the ONLY way to truly make a difference is to allow adults to carry in schools.
Of course, the goal of anti-gun people ISN'T reducing fatalities; it control.
Note that the deadliest school shooting ever, in Beslan Russia, was in a country where the gun laws mirror what anti-gun folks want in the US.

Mike V said...

“Tough row to hoe.” Boy, I hadn’t heard that in a while! Thanks!!!!!

ASM826 said...

You notice that they claim to be insane, but so insane as to attack police stations or gun ranges. No, it's all gun free zones where these shootings take place.