Thursday, May 1, 2008

Galco Holster

I got a holster for my .45. I already had one for my revolver and .380.

It's from Galco. A paddle type called F.E.D. the paddle sticks in the pants, over the belt and there is a snap release to hold the pistol in. Galco has many holsters to choose from for the 1911, and this was my preference. I might have gone with a small of the back holster, and inside the waistband, but since there is no concealed carry in Maryland and the 1911 is so big, I think I'd have to get used to any of the better hidden versions. I like this one because you don't have to thread it through you belt. When you go the bethroom you can take it off and put in the crotch of your pants so you don't leave it in there. I wanted the snap for safety and make it harder for someone ELSE to mess with. That's another disadvantage of Small of the Back. If people see it, they can more easily grab it. The snap adds another level of security for a 1911 carried in Condition One: A round chambered, hammer cocked, safety on.

I already don't like the spare magazine carrier I got with it, and would prefer the horizontal type. This one digs the magazine into my side. Next time, different.


breda said...

Have you made a list somewhere of all the firearms that you own?

I swear this blog is like the clown car of guns.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Please. It's all slight of hand. I have maybe the smallest gun cabinet available and I could fit more in it.

Now, JayG, Kim Du Toit even AFTER he unloaded a bunch, Tam, and ArmedCanadian, THEY own a few. Lots more tham me. Some MANY lots more.

Jay G said...

I'm honored that my name was first... :)

I don't bother counting guns any more. I count safes.

I have five. I need a minimum of three more - one pistol, two rifle.

And this is shaping up to be a SLOW year for me...