Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Our side has fun.  Shooting is fun.  We have conventions where we see wonders and varieties of firearms and accessories, some of which we may be shopping for.

Some think our side is winning because of this positive culture.  A shooting community. 

Anti-gunners can’t go out and have fun with their anti-guns.

So how did they expect to prevail, politically, when they took up their hue and cry?  The same way the anti-saccharine folks prevailed. Or the anti-DDT people.  Or the anti-litter people.  Anti-nuke power.  Anti what have you.  A safety precaution for the sake of defenseless children.

Now there is a constituency of folks that wanted artificially sweetened beverages.  And one that wants electricity.  And on that wished there were fewer bedbugs and mosquitoes.  But there are alternatives to their wants.  Electricty can come from burning coal or hippies, it doesn’t have to come from fission.  Other things kill bugs, and sweeten liquids and if we don’t look too hard we won’t find out they are just as bad what they are replacing.  (Or the exact same thing!  Di-hydryl-flouratene-8,2!  Kills bugs and sweetens tea!)

But the shooting community is different than the ‘insecticide community’.  It is more positive and pervasive.  And our opponents want ALL our stuff gone.  No guns anywhere.  The anti-DDT people were just against DDT, not all insecticides.  (well... ostensibly.)

In fact, the anti-gunners sorta started this way.  They didn’t want to ban all guns, they said.  Just cheap handguns, or just all handguns.  That’s why Brady was originally “Hangun Control Inc” or somesuch. 

But now, they are a bit rudderless, and have been since their high water mark in the mid 1990s.  I don’t think they have a coherent plan at this point.  The most effective anti-gun types like Joyce and Bloomberg are still doing what they can to nibble at the margins.  But even they are waiting and praying and hoping for the political landscape to change back their way. 

It’s our job to try to KEEP the mood from swinging. 

But the point I was making…  The pro-gun side is like a car club and swap meet.  The anti-side is like a group of concerned mothers in a blue ribbon study worried about saccharine and what it will do to THE PRECIOUS CHILDREN!!!  And who could be pro-saccharine?
Starts at about the 3:54 mark...


Anonymous said...

Ironic. She died skinny with cancer.

Boat Guy said...

The idea that we could be having fun with firearms is incomprehensible to hoplophobes. I see this reaction when I tell folks that I don't golf - I shoot.
Given that (last I checked) there were more blunt-object homocides than homocides by rifle; perhaps the hoplophobes could demonize golf clubs (and by extension golfers)...