Monday, December 20, 2010

Commander Conclusions

Looks like my best bet, now, after finding flaws in previous selections, is to go Colt XSE or Les Baer Concept VII or VIII.  Maybe an all stainless Sig.

What I thought was under control got out of control fast.  Still not fully reined in.

The Les Baer already has the tritium sights while the Colt does not.  The Colt is much cheaper, however (and with a LOT of lower quality parts...).  The Sig's problem is no thumb safety on the correct side, but it has the advantage of no bump on the grip safety.  Not known if the Colt has a thumb safety in the correct position.

Might as well go custom.  I've thought about a actual lefty frame from Caspian and go from there.  It would shoot brass off to the left.  But I like the mag release on the regular 1911s.

List of requirements for a Commander sized .45 1911 for 2011:
  • all steel construction
  • GI style guide rod
  • lefty thumb safety
  • shrunken low-profile safety on the right hand thumb safety side
  • no bump on the grip safety
  • tritium sights
  • standard 'other' enhancement that 1911s tend to have these day, like polished feed ramps and flared ejection ports   


Total non sequitir...   Colt Commander in .38 Super...  Forget I even said that.  That line of thought is a big rabbit hole.


Further conclusion... Just bite the proverbial bullet and get the high end gun...   Hmph.  At least that old skool .38 Super was made with forged parts instead of crumble-MIM.


Further, further conclusion...  If you don't buy the high end buy the old gun of some nature.  You ain't getting away with $800 for this purchase.


Anonymous said...

Your answers to all your questions will become clear if you can define:

What is this gun for?

You going to pinch pennies on something to save your life?

Is it just a hobby gun to tinker with?

Is it to be pretty piece of art?

ZerCool said...

For my dime, I'd look for an older, un-bubba'ed Series-70 Pony-stamped version. A little character is OK with me as long as the mechanics and metals are sound.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

What are you TALKING about, Anon?

Anonymous said...

It's a simple question:

As far as I have seen, most custom 1911s I have seen are hobby guns. Not daily carry.

Is it a daily carry gun?

If so, don't pinch pennies. Don't compromise on reliability. Because it is intended as life insurance.

It's like pinching pennies when shopping for a brain surgeon.

Sorry for the confusion.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

AH, I see the gist, now. The reason for the custom gun is to match my requirements and obtain quality parts with a less liklihood of failure when needed in a CCW situation.

My requirements aren't too far from a stock, quality, GI 1911. Just ambidextrous safety, ability to eat ammo other than FMJ, and improved sights.

It's not a race gun, by any stretch, this gun in my head.

The only thing that would make it a safe queen would be extreme price to ensure 'quality'. And even then, just carrying it will dispel that desire to over-protect it.

JB Miller said...

You guys are making me want to buy another 1911!!

I may have to do a post about my RIA Compact 1911!

Old NFO said...

NJT, I wouldn't recommend a Les Baer unless you're planning to put about 2000 rounds through it to loosen it up. They are usually WAY too tight out of the box, and will not function reliably beyond 100 rounds without cleaning (based on three different guns over multiple range days).

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Do you have another recommendation, NFO? The leading contender is an older Colt.

Clint said...

“You going to pinch pennies on something to save your life?”
"If so, don't pinch pennies. Don't compromise on reliability. Because it is intended as life insurance."

The word is VALUE. Just because you spend more money does NOT mean the product will be better. The extra cost only means the item takes more effort to make. Is the effort worth it?

Look at it this way, either the gun works to your standards, or it doesn't. If the gun works, why waste money by paying for extra you will no use.

"Don't compromise on reliability."

If he can get the reliability for $700, why pay $2000. What are you gaining, in tangible benefits?

Furthermore, unless you are paying his bills, you do NOT get to tell someone how to spend their money. You can suggest, but admonishing people by calling them misers or implying they are stupid is just running people's lives without the guilt or fuss of issuing direct orders.

Oh, and "protection" keeps you alive, while life insurance only pays out after you're dead.

Old NFO said...

If it was me, I'd find an early Series 70 or older Colt, and send it to a good gunsmith with my list of options and also ask for a reliability job to be done.

Bob H said...

Try the STI Spartan, or Para's GI Expert ESP.