Monday, December 13, 2010

Resurgent PSH

The Washington Post is running with the Mexican Gun Canard. At least they aren't claiming that dealers are guying machine guns and hand grenades and Houston's Carter Country Stores.

And Justice Breyer is spouting off saying how he wants to rule on what he thinks the 2nd Amendment SHOULD be rather than what it is.

You can't turn your back on restrictionists. They'll steal a mile if you let them.


Crotalus (Dont Tread on Me) said...

Obviously, "Justice" Breyer is a degenerate liar. We have many writings from the Founders in full support of the 2A as written. Breyer has nothing from them that shows they supported gun control. It wasn't until FDR's reign that the Soviet tactic of gun control began to show up in meaningful form.

Boat Guy said...

Ummm Justice Breyer? I'd like to introduce you to an attorney that has actually READ the Constitution (rather than attending a seance or whatever it is that you do to obtain your amazing insight into the Founde's "values"); his name is Stephen Halbrook. He lives near DC so you could actually converse with him - rather than dead folks. He has two excellent books on the subject "That Every Man Be Armed" which has been in print for a generation or so and more recently "The Founders Second Amendment". If you are web comfortable you could even look in on his website
Boat Guy