Friday, December 3, 2010

Bought a Gun

Not really on a whim.

There is a possible Appleseed event in Virginia that MBtGE and I may want to try to get to. Tomorrow in fact. Depends on our mood. And how cold we want to be.

So this was short notice. But my gunstore ALSO was having a sale on the 27th. So I got me a Ruger 10/22 just for that. I figured I could sight it in at the regular indoor range, install swivels for a sling, maybe even install a peep sight from Tech-Sight. I have a spare sling to put on it. Happy Day.

On my way out of the gunstore I asked the owner, "Hey do you know if any of the catalog houses make after-market items for this rifle?" He looked at me funny. I guess he knows me well enough. What DON'T them make after-market for 10/22s?

Here is the gun straight from the store after I added slings I also bought there:

I had a spare military style sling with relatively thing leather that worked a treat. It was made for a little more distance between sling points and I may need to punch spare holes or something to shorten in up even more. It's ok, I think, for fully slung up prone, but not perfect for hasty sling work.

And here is the first 50 rounds using the factory sights before the new sights were mounted. Went on Monday:

The left target is 25 feet, the right is 50. This was just a test run to check for functionality, but it looks pretty good, don't it, for standing.


Paladin said...


I'm embarrased to say, I don't even have a .22 rifle in the house right now - having given our Marin to my Daughter when she moved out.

Have to fix that soon...

Bubblehead Les. said...

Are you restricted by Maryland law to use only the 10 round mag that came with the rifle? If so, that be another good reason to head to Virginny and do the Appleseed and buy some hi-caps for the rifle. Never know when a Level 4 can happen, and .22 in the head at 50 yards should stop a Zed.

Huey said...

nice..I've been to a couple of Appleseeds..the tech sites are a must have unless your vision is too bad to see a 1" square with them at 25 yards, then use a scope. Get a GI cotton sling at the Appleseed store for $12, its what they instruct with and it'll need at least 2 mags for the shoot (I would bring 3 just in case one goes missing) and get the instructions on the net on how to modify it so you just need to pull back on the charging handle to let the bolt go....other than that you're set!! Have fun!

Earl said...

The extra magazines are a must, but don't get extended ones for an Appleseed, save them for the Zombies. The sling you have will work, as long as you know how to use it. Peep sights are the way to go, stay with iron, 25 meters isn't that far away.

The Marlin would have been another choice, but you go with the Ruger, it has worked for others.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I have 5 mags total. I only have the factory 10s because I have never seen an aftermarket mag that is reliable enough. If I pull back the bolt after hitting the mag release, it drops right out. I know how to use the old style leather slings the proper way, both full and hasty, but I have a GI canvas one around here somewhere too.

Arthur said...

I've had great luck with the Butler Creek Steel Lips clear 25 rounders. I have I think 6 now and not a stoppage with any of them.

I also picked up a bunch of the factory 10 round mags in clear plastic. Makes it a lot easier to see when they need to be taken apart and cleaned.