Monday, December 27, 2010

Ok, I did get ONE thing...

One things that was firearms related this Xmas?  The 1975 Shooter's Bible.

So what good is a 35 year old gun guide?  Oh, it's tremendously interesting.  To me.  A couple Christmases ago I got The New official gun book: 1954-55. By Charles R. Jacobs.   So what good is a 55 year old and a 35 year old guide?

It shows the historical progression.  It's what gunnies were into, back then.  Before the internet and gun blogs and websites THESE books were the only way to spread information among enthusiasts.

Plus the Shooter's Bible has prices.  Lessee... Here we are.  An all steel Colt Commander .45 costs the same as a Government Model.  Series 70.  $159.  Yes, I'll take 2.

A box of .45 ammo cost $10 back then.  That's a lot higher than I'd figure and makes it seem that ammo prices have beaten inflation in the intervening 3+ decades.  16 boxes of ammo was worth one gun in 1975.  For a $800 pistol you'd have to have 26 boxes of .45 at $30 a box in 2010.

There are no price lists in the 1955 book.  I probably don't want to know how cheap stuff was back then when my father was in high school.  It'll just make me waste more cycles on getting that time machine up and running.

It'll take some time to pour through this tome.  It's the gift that keeps on giving.  Oh look!  Llama pistols.
If I find intersting bits I'll report back to the blog.


Clint said...

$159 in 75 was $626 in 2009. Gunsmithing not included.

One dollar in 1955 was equal to 7.92 dollars in 2009.

It helps me cushion the blow to realizes we get more for the money these days.

... mostly.

Anonymous said...

How much is an once of gold worth today?

Old NFO said...

I have some car books from the late 1920's very interesting in the same way!

Anonymous said...

Clint is right that the price of that 1911 hasn't really jumped much in price once inflation is factored in.

As for the ammo, most base metals have (in general) appreciated well below the level of inflation over the last 35 years, with the last few years being a notable exception. So, copper, etc were much more expensive back then than now.


ZerCool said...

I vaguely recall flipping through a 1950s-era gun mag and seeing "war surplus 1911A1!!" for something like $60. S&W M&Ps/Pre-10s were $30. Etc.