Thursday, December 30, 2010

Survival Meme

You can bring 10 things with you getting dropped into the jungles of Borneo.  What do you bring?

I know, I know, this is weak sauce.  Personally I'd bring a major caliber revolver and 1 bullet and that's it.  I hate the jungle.

You aren't there for any purpose other than you probably want to leave there someday soon.  Keep in mind the political and legal framework of Boreo and your precautions thereby.  Presume you are wearing a flightsuit and helmet, jungle boots, and that parachute.   You have all your shots.

Now what?

Satellite phone and bank account numbers you can transfer to other people is a way to go.  A list of phone numbers of people to call.  So, one phone, one list, and 8 bank accounts.  You call people on your list and beg for help, using the bank accounts one at a time to pay/bribe them for assistance to get you the hell out of there?

No, that goes against the spirit of the thing.  Assume you are walking out and not communicating with the outside world.  And you gotta carry your stuff out of the airplane so you aren't bringing a dirtbike and a recoiless rifle.  Personal items.  10 of them.  Including any additional attire you may desire.  Try to restrict your self to one firearm, if any.  That and 4 reloads for same count as 1 item of the 10 you are restricted to.  If you want more ammo, each reload counts as 1 item.  Not that you'll be shooting your way out of Borneo solo.  Think downed pilot surviving post ejection.  In the hot and steamy jungle.  And we aren't at war with Borneo.


Huey said... goes

1. Glock 19 (issued to aircrews I heard)
2. 4 mags (per instructions)
ok..gunnie stuff over
3. GPS
4. Survival Bars
5. Water of some type (canteen, ect)
6. Water purification pump
7. fire starter and tinder kit
8. Signal mirror and panel kit
9. Surefire P6 or similar
10.The obligatory knife...KaBar style

of course a lot of this is already or should already be in the aircrew survival vest you should be include a first kit..

sofa said...

Shelter, shelter tools.
Defensive tools.

Need to add a 'survival babe' to that list. Bonus if she shoots better than you.

Angus McThag said...

1. Glock 17.
2. 2 reloads.
3. SKU-2/A (complete)
4. SRU-21/P (complete)
5. Deck of cards.
6. Filtration pump.
7. Machete.
8. Ka-Bar.
9. GPS
10. 32 pack AA lithium batts for GPS.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I need to look up those water purifier pumps. I am of the age where a iodine tablet was used in a milsurp canteen. Not used to the idea about the pump just yet.

Anonymous said...

1. Canteen & Cup set
2. Machete or Woodsman Pal
3. Swiss Army Knife with saw
4. Magnesium Fire Bar
5. Stainless 357 revolver & ammo
6. Hammock
7. Tarp/Poncho
8. 300' Paracord
9. Rucksack
10. Compass

Alan J. said...

OK, I’ll use my parachute and forest materials to make a tent shelter, sleeping bag, poncho, backpack, walking stick and game snares; so here’s my carry list.

1. Glock 19, with 4 loaded mags
2. Puma Whitehunter Stag Knife
3. Katadyn Pocket Water Microfilter
4. Magnesium Fire Starter
5. Canteen
6. Sewing needle and kit
7. GPS
8. Map
9. Compass
10. Mainstay 3,600 Calorie Food Bar

Shoot! A fella could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff.

Arthur B. Burnett said...

Greetings from Texas,
As I carry a pocket knife every day of my life a small knife isn't on my list. Also in my pocket as I write this is my zippo lighter. I've never smoked, but it sure comes in handy on the farm and camping. Also, I am intending to make use of the parachute. So my list is as follows;

1. Savage over and under 12 gauge / .22.
2. Cold Steel Kukri
3. First Aid Kit
4. WW2 Canteen and Cup
5. Filter Pump
6. Compass
7. Map
8. Trail Bars
9. Small pack with extra 12 gauge and .22
10. MRE pack for one day.

JB Miller said...

1. Glock 21 .45acp
2. 4 mags (per instructions)
3. Ka-Bar
4. Bic Lighter
5. Canteen of water
6. Water purification tabs
7. LED long life flashlight
8. First Aid Kit
9. Jar of Peter Pan Peanut Butter

Anonymous said...

1. Sat phone (numbers pre-programmed)
2. GPS
3. Water purifier
4. BK&T Campanion
5. One case MREs
6. One bottle Johnny Walker Black
7. One bag of Ice
8. Drinking glass
9. Drinking glass
10. Any living former POTUS.

Kristophr said...

A mountaineer / lifeboat rescue beacon. Then a pistol.

Come off it, NJT. A communication device is as important as a weapon.

Not having a usable one in an emergency = fail.