Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Training with a Kahr

I forgot to mention...

When I took that pistol training class the instructor had a new-to-him Kahr pm9. A little 9mm not much bigger than the plethora of KelTec .380 pocket auto clones that are out there now.

The previous owner didn’t like it and reported it jammed a lot. Craig Collins checked the instructions and noticed the manufacturer recommends a 200 round break in period where you should keep the gun well lubed. This wasn’t done. RTFM. So a good clean and an oil soak was done, and his intention was to put rounds downrange with it with his various students, to give them trigger time with a little gun and perhaps give them some malf drills. Easy break in for the pistol to let it settle, with various grip stregths &c. to see how it goes. It didn’t malf for me at all. It shot ok, too, for a small thing. The trigger is a little mushy, but it isn’t the worst trigger ever.

I didn't fall in love with it. So that puts off the purchase of a slim Kahr .40 for a bit, and lets rational thought back to the foreground rather than the "GOTTA-HAVE-IT!" acquisitional imperative.

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