Saturday, January 22, 2011

The A Team

So I watched that A-Team movie with Liam Neeson as Colonel Hannibal Smith.  This isn't a full review.  It was enjoyable for a fantasist action movie.

I won't get into the suspension of disbelief needed for the flying tank scene.  This is a gun blog, not an cargo plane and armor drop blog.

But the movie started OUT with a stetch. 

Hannibal is handcuffed to a chair by Mexican narco bad guys.  When they go to execute him with his Para P-14 Limited, it fails to fire.  There is no firing pin.  So they leave him for the guard dogs to eat to death.  But, Aha!  Hannibal has the pin in his hand and uses it pick the handcuff locks.  Ok, that is semi-feasible.  But then, before the dogs get to him, we see him quickly insert the pin into the pistol, presumably restoring it to full function. 

Uhhh... What? 

Perhaps someone with a Para will chime in and say "sure!  It's very easy to install the firing pin that way.  Just pull the hammer back and slide it in til it clicks."  If true, I'll be good and gobsmacked.

It takes me 15 minutes on a good day to put a firing pin into a regular old 1911, assuming it's assembled for some reason, sans pin.  And I have to be careful the sproinged pin doesn't slip and shoot into my eye and an alarmingly high rate of speed.  I'd also need a screwdriver to help push the thing down.  And be lucky and get it right the first time I tried.  That doesn't mean the Para needs that much effort, but, again, I'd be surprised if it took less time to do.


JB Miller said...

Like you never navigate your flying tank with cannon blasts.

Fun flick. Lots of willing suspension of disbelief. Classic full auto ARs with thousand round mags.

Ian Argent said...

It's the fricking A-Team. He could have used a *bobby-pin* as the firing pin and been true to the source. And I would have fallen on the floor of the theater due to oxygen deprivation laughing.

Ritchie said...

Actually..the Russians did try the flying tank thing, in the form of towed gliders. But the high touchdown speed was bad for the treads.

Anonymous said...

Everytime they tried to pin something on the evil "BLackForest" i kept thinking of black forest cake and it made me have a terrible sweet tooth hunger!