Sunday, January 23, 2011

It takes all sorts of critters

To make a batch of Farmer Francis' Fritters.

You know how we get upset when people think it's a good idea to dispense with inalienable rights?  We get kinda salty about such transgressions, yes?

There are people out there equally passionate about, and just as against, the use of some Fonts.  Chief targets of their ire include Comic Sans, Papyrus, and Copperpot fonts.  And I mean they are violently opposed.  Enraged enough to consider kicking their cat, just because they laid eyes on the offending print.  And, conversely, they love plain old Helvetica.  I don't understand the enthusiasm, but more power to em.

Strange world we live in.  They oughta sell tickets.

1 comment:

Arthur said...

huh, I googled the font names you listed to see what they looked like and this xkcd comic was one of the top results for 'papyrus'.

I like plain old Ariel myself.