Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Commander Range Report

First, the trigger is crisper but firmer than my Springfield.

I had 4 failures in the range day.  What do you expect?  1911 suck, I've been told, and jam a lot.

Thing is, the brand new Colt Commander shot 100 rounds without a hitch, but the Ceiner .22 conversion, IT had the failure.  2 FTF, and 2 FTE on the last round failing to extract.  I was using OLD .22 ammo in one of the milk container cartons they sold back when.  Filthy ammo, too.

I figure 100 more .45 in the new gun and it can be considered broken in.  Ooo, and I have to test the hollow point ammo in it too. 

The mags don't fall free as easily as with the Springfield.  Let's see what a little more time does for it.

Hefting the Commander in the hand makes it seem front heavy.  Might be in my head, thinking about that plastic mainspring housing.  I don't notice a balance issue when gripping it to shoot, however.

How did it shoot, accuracy wise?  The same as when I shoot the Gov't size Springfield.  Lousy.  Low and right.  Damn flinch/anticipatory/bad-finger-placemet.  I don't need new guns, I need a new shooter.

Here is the first target:

And I did better after that practice on the second target.  Better is relative:

You can see the last magazine in amoungst the .22 holes on the right.  Meh.

After the shoot, parts arrived.  A new 'Bulletproof' slide lock and a nice chainlink pattern Ed Brown mainspring housing, and the regular length guide rod with matching recoil spring plug.  Easy peasy install.  It's like I know what I'm doing.  I didn't mung up the pins or struggle with the mainspring like I have in the past.

I was pleased enough with my new purchase that I think I'll hit the range again with it.  I mean again again, I went 2 days ago (report to follow) and 5 days ago.  What the heck, I have plenty of .45 practice ammo.  I need to order some more .40, actually.


Anonymous said...

Unless it rattles when you shake it, it ain't broke in.

Huey said...

I 200 rounds is the universally accepted amount of rounds fired to "break in" a 1911...the only FTF issues I have had with my Kimber were in the first hundred...

Boat Guy said...

Now that you have the Commander, do you really "...need to order some more .40 actually"???
Why bother with .45 lite?
Congrats on the purchase. I'm still paying on my Wiley Clapp version.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I need some more .40 because the SIG is still my go to gun for training. My skills and self-confidence with a 1911 need to improve more before I'd want to use that variety for carry or classes.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

It's up to the 150 on the round count, Huey, with multiple shooters. No failures of any kind as yet.