Sunday, January 2, 2011

Stuff I Miss

Stuff goes away...

And that was just this past year.

I miss a lot of local flavor to the DC area that just aren't here anymore.

Izzie Cohen's Big G Giant Food and Drug.

Hechts.  Now Macy's.  My goto department store.  And my mom's.

Woodworth and Lothrop.  Woodies.  Some turned into a Lord and Taylor.  It was the PRIMO department store you went to to out class Hecht's because you got a big bonus for your work down at Chesapeake & Potomac Telephone.  A part of Ma Bell.

Peoples Drug.  Despite the commie sounding name, it was much nicer than the replacement:  CVS.  What kind of name is that?  Sounds like a plumbing pipe type or a valve that a part of my air fuel mixture near my carbeurator.

Folks slightly older than me was whistful for Little Tavern and Hot Shoppes.

I was a Roy Roger's man.  Their roast beef was so good many an Arby's manager committed suicide upon sampling it.  Before that, Pappy Parker (which became Roy's), and Gino's (bought out by KFC), and for pizza: Shakey's


JB Miller said...

I wish my area had some character. It's all new. Hell, they're still building it.

Laura said...

i miss Woodie's...the one in our local mall had a nifty escalator. in the ceiling, instead of normal trac lighting or bar lights, they suspended 30 or 40 (or more) cylindrical bars of glass or plastic, then lit them in a device hidden within the ceiling itself. when i was a kid, my dad and i would ride the escalator while Mom shopped - he'd pretend the bars were icicles coming to fall on our heads. sure, it's a little thing, but i miss it.

the SO misses Little Tavern. we hold a big Halloween party every year, and in 2007 one of the items on our scavenger hunt list was a burger from Little Tavern - we found the very last one was right down the road from us, and figured at least someone would find it. man-thing was rather sad when they finally shut their doors.

Gino's is coming back, though.

Stretch said...

Washington things I miss:
1. The Russian Pumpernickel and Jewish Rye bread from Giant's "Heidi Bakery." The whole Giant system isn't the same since Mr. Izzy left.
2. Hot Shoppes' drink called "orange freeze."
3. Landsburg Dept. Store.
4. E.J. Korvetts
5. A city government that works.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

ohhhhhhhhh, I forgot about the Heidi products. Dang.

Bob H said...

There are 3 Roy Rodgers listed for Alexandria, VA. I have never eaten at one. How good are they?

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Roy's USED to be the best tasting fast food burger out there. Good roast beef, too. I haven't eaten in one in a dozen years, now.

Wendy's was my goto burger after Roy's until 5 Guys became available.

TheAxe said...

I think there's still a Little Tavern in Ocean City. I know there was one there a couple of years ago.

Laura said...

TheAxe - according to the lady that worked in the one in Baltimore, the Baltimore location was the last one left.