Thursday, January 13, 2011

Range Report January 2011

So, It's been a while since I went to the range to shoot pistols.  Over a month.  Needed to shake the rust off of this perichable skill and I brought my 2 'carry' pistols.  The Sig229 and the Snubbie

Here is the first target, 8 yards, not horrible, not great.  The .38 +P on the right.  Note only 9 holes (one is almost obscured by the pistol near the bottom.)  Where is the 10th hole?  In the backstop somewhere:

Note also the Sig has black plastic grips.  I bought those to see how they worked.  I need to evaluate more.  They aren't spongey nor too rough but that day at the range they gun didn't find that sweet spot in my grip to line up the barrel with my forearm and elbow.  Something for me to track, see if it goes away.

Then I just blasted away to get a bigger pattern.  The shots fall to the right and down.  Signs of a flinch and a need to re-evaluate the trigger finger position on the trigger face, according to that shooter flaw diagnosis wheel.  But look at that range up and down?   What is that?  Can't tell if it's .40 or .38, but...

In this third target I split left .40, right .38 again and you can see it's the .38 that can vary in 'elevation.'  I only put pasters on to aim at for a reason.  I wanted to see how I shot without immediate gratification of where they hit.  About normal for me on the .40, but look at those 6 shots by the .38 circled in orange.  Whoa!  I need to keep that up and get more like that.  

 So, how to fix the finger placement?  I'm guess more dry fire with an eye toward strength training.  I thing I am putting too much finger on there and need to back out, but that makes squeezing harder.  A stronger finger should help.  I hope. 

Also, the low center shot are from the last mag being aimed at the bull, they aren't ranging that far from the left side aimpoint.  I'm bad but not THAT bad.

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Old NFO said...

The trigger work ALWAYS falls off during a layoff, my recommendation is dry fire 50x a night with the TIP of the trigger finger. Does two things, help smooth the action and build up strength. :-)