Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Revolver Wistful

Sometimes I think life would be easier if John Moses Browning (pbuh)* hadn't invented the auto-pistol.  It'd be less for me to think about.  I'd own 3 or 4 total of various sizes, one .22 and the others .38/.357 and I='d never have to worry about safety catches and manual of arms and malf drills with a tappa and a racka and a banga. 

I mean, what DO we really get with those auto chuckers?  A few more rounds to shoot?  Fast reloads?  If you need to shoot more than 5 bring a spare revolver.  Or bring friends.

I say 4 revolvers are needed and I only own 3.  Where is my hole?  Medium length barrel.  I have a 6 inch barrel for the house, a snubbie for the pocket, but I am missing something in a Model 13 or 65 size for a belt holster and CCW that way.  Perfection.  Ease of ammo storage.  A good carbine offering.  No one complains the .357 is not enough cartridge for the job.  I wouldn't be casting about with thoughts about the semi-auto if the caliber was inadequate (i have no idea where i was going with that last sentence).  Revolver shooting is America's martial art, with none of that kicking or chopping or 'heeeeeYAH!' shouting.

Yeah, life as a gunnie would be simpler.  But if wishes were horse we'd all be eating steak.

If the whole semi-auto fad had proven to be a flash in the pan that petered out in 1912 or so, Colt would still be making the Python.  You'd be able to get .41 and .44 special ammo at WalMart.  And we'd argue over caliber, still.  I'd still be fine with the .357.

*(and yes, I was being facetious about JMB inventing the semi-auto form.  He just perfected it.  Probably for all time.)


Bubblehead Les. said...

You know, I have that 4 inch Smith 19-3 I brought to the NorthCoast Blogshoot that someone had sent off to Magnaport. And Carol feels its a little too heavy for her to carry WTSHTF. Perhaps a trade might be arranged? We could meet at the annual NRA convention in Pittsburgh at the end of April. But you're right. IMHO, I think if you live East of the Rockies, South of the Mooses and North of the Gators, a 4 inch .357 would serve most Armed Civilians well. YMMV, of course.

Guffaw in AZ said...

I used to own a 3" 65, and shot it in combat shooting competition, when everyone else was going to .45 ACP (powder puff loads) and wondernines. ('86?)
One day, another competitor - a DEA agent - congratulated me after a match for shooting a real gun with street loads. I wish I still had it.

JB Miller said...

I am thinking of a good snubby .357 revolver for daily concealed carry.

Old NFO said...

Good post :-) And good luck trying to find a Model 65 in 3 inch... I've seen ONE in the last year...

Gunnutmegger said...

Look for a used Ruger Speed-Six. Seems to fit the bill for what you need.

Not a fan of the 1911 however (yeah, I am THAT guy). I like my pistols to feed hollowpoints reliably.

Anonymous said...

I love my 1911 *faces Ogden and bows*
With a S&W 625 I get to combine .45acp goodness with revolver reliability. It's just a tad too big to carry concealed.
Training at FLETC was with a 4" S&W 15 and still love my wheel guns.