Saturday, January 29, 2011


We had Thundersnow this week.  Sounds cool, don't it?

Getting to thinking... few words are NOT made better with the addition of the word "Thunder!"

I'm thunderguessing a lot of you could think of some good examples.

The NY Jets endured a Thunder-beating last weekend.

THUNDERBACON!  (I'd thundereat the thunderhell out of THAT.)

I'm thirsty, but do I want thunderpunch, or pop open a tall cold-filtered bottle of thunderbeer or 9 and get absolutely thunderdrunk.

I think only the word "thigh" is not improved with "thunder."  Maybe if you added volcano to something it would be cooler.  Oooo!  Thundercano!

And with that, thunderbye everyone!  Gonna try to do that thunderbeer thing now as an experiement.

(gun content?  Thunderboomers, of course.)

Also... power went out repeatedly during the last unpleasantness.  Some of the 'lightning' I saw was actually transformer cooking off when tree limbs laden with wet snow fell on them.  Sporadic connectivity may curtail a post or two.

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JB Miller said...

MMMmmm... Thunderbacon.