Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And then the Metrocons Return

Way to go Cliff May.  Calling for more gun control in National Review Online, "Thank you for not packing heat..." he even negates his own argument in favor of 1000 foot prohibtion from Conceal Carry near a Congressperson with this line:

" it goes without saying, lunatics and extremists don’t care what laws are on the books."

So his law (Or Rep King's, actually (R NY)), easily abused by anti-rights types btw, if passed would ONLY have people like the Arizona shooter less than 1000 feet from politicians?   Non-sensical.  He hasn't even thought it through halfway.  And from a so-called 'ally'.  Stop trying to help, Mr. May.  How embarrassing.

Update:  And it took 20 minutes for 20 commenters to jump on him.  Good for the advocates of freedom.

Update II:  Jonah Goldberg and Andrew McCarthy take Cliff May to task about his support of this wrongheaded law in less than an hour.  Good, good.  Good signs in Metroconville.  There is still hope for them.

Update III:  And a different NRO commentator comes down on the silliness of yet more rights infringement.  More hopeful conduct by the three.


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

To universally jump on him. With both feet.

But not in a physical injury sort of way. According the Lefitst Media I have to watch my tone.

Bubblehead Les. said...

The scary thing is that King is supposed to be a "Conservative" and is high up in the the new Republican House. But I guess you can take the Boy out of Tamney Hall....