Sunday, January 16, 2011

SCAR H update

My most popular post of all time is about the SCAR Heavy.  (thank you Call of Duty video gamers that googled their way there.)  WAAaaaaaayyyy back then I was wondering about this soon to be released rifle and if it would accept my M14 magazines.  Conclusion?  No, it doesn't.  And I should have known that.  The M14 mag has to be rocked into position, catching on the hole in the front and clicking into the catch in the rear.  The SCAR has a magwell, so straight in and out. 

But now there is a guy in Germany developing a lower that will take M14 mags and everything else, as well.  It's kinda neat.  Assuming he is wildly successful and this get's released in year or two...  I'll be buying a SCAR-H... Never.  I think that ship has sailed for me, personally.  I have the rifle I wanted in the M1A.  But you never know.  Stranger things...

1 comment:

Angus McThag said...

But the SCAR H has the shiny! And Polymers!

How can you turn your back on it, it's like an abandoned puppy!

FAL mags don't work without mods and not all of them work well after the mods.

Still, it's the greener grass and all...