Thursday, December 27, 2012

CNN sez...

Or THIS guy at CNN sez...

George Soros should buy the Freedom Group when Cerberus sell it off.  Then he could run it as an ETHICAL gun manufacturer.

Hmph.  People actually let this MacIntosh character out of the house.  He doesn't seem bright enough to not walk in front of speeding cars.

After Soros does so, the company could " Voluntarily waives its rights to support the NRA and other lobbying groups."

But it was BOUGHT by a lobbying group.

They could, "Create a fund to compensate those who, despite its best efforts, are killed or wounded by its weapons." 

So I guess the company will be broken up again when the contingency civil-case trial lawyers jump on it in about 4 seconds.

The company could, "micro-stamping weapons for easy tracking"

Ha!  'Easy' tracking.

Sheesh.  They'll print any ol thing at CNN.  Even the stuff written in crayon.

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JD Rush said...

Someone would have to sell guns to the camp guards.