Thursday, December 13, 2012

Speed Strip Holster

Crap!  I saw this on a revolver blog somewhere but didn't retain the originating source.  Dangit.

Anyway, I want to check these out.  Not that I've noticed much tell tale printing with my speed strip, I just think a pouch would protect them more.  Here is a pic from that site of the double:

But I'd go with the single.

I wonder how easy they are to 'deploy' from.


Anonymous said...
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Geodkyt said...


Bob S. said...

I found that an old Blackberry phone case makes a decent holder for a Double stack .45 ACP mag.

John Richardson said...

You need to check out the pouch that Simply Rugged holsters make for speed strips. I looks like an old time key case. When you pop it open on your belt, the speed strip falls right into your hand.